Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What my friends taught me that will get me through my senior year.

Today is a day I always knew I would reach, but felt like it would never come. The last first day of school. I am officially a senior in college.  I feel like I'm ready to take it by storm, but so nervous for the test that its going to be. After the summer I have I mentally feel a little tougher, but already the projects are larger and harder. Lucky for me a lot of my friends graduated in classes above me, and I've gotten some advice that I want to keep in mind

1- Reginah says to be like NAHHH- There are some choices you are going to make that make you question your character. You can learn from these mistakes, but should you let yourself feel like the worse person ever? NAHH. These mistakes will shape you. Live to be a little scandalous, because well behaved woman never make history.

2- Susana reminded me of who needs a bra- Enjoy the fact that you don't need to wear a bra to class. You can be comfortable, and confident in a sweater without a bra all you want on a college campus. But, come May you'll need a big girl job that will probably require you to wear a bra.

3- The gist of what me and J's conversations is: Your going to learn a lot about doing things on your own, but remember your not alone. Senior year is gonna push your limits. People you thought would be there for you won't always be. However, here and there people will surprise you

4- My mother Sammy showed me how your hard work will pay off- Last year I watched my roommate bust her ass finish her senior year. She worked full time at the same bar as me, had an internship, and still made it to class as a full time student. I thought she was crazy, but now seeing were she is in life compared to most kids who graduated in May. She's gotten a lot done. I only hope that next year if I work hard I can accomplish as much as she has.

5- April has taught me many things, but most importantly she reminds me that I'm tougher than I think. Watching her push through her senior collection despite all the obstacles it through at her, makes me think that I will be okay. I also know if I feel like I can't get back up than she will be there to sit with me until I remember were my strength is.

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