Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Am I blogging correctly ?

When was the last time that I posted a blog? Yet, all my marketing research talks about the power of blogging and SEOs. So maybe I need to get a little practice on my blog and then launch the Trippy Manufacturing Blog. I don't even know what I would write about as Trippy. Maybe sustainability information
sneaked in with an adventure blog? I just don't know if I wanna write about my adventures where my mom can find them. I don't wanna get in trouble..... Maybe I could write my mom's blog for her since she doesn't actually have one but continues to say "Thats going in my blog". Possibly if I write a few of my adventures I could ask for submissions and get more consumer engagement. 

I need to stop writing my business "secretes" on my personal blog. But, no one reads my blog and if I keep doing this maybe it will show up on someones radar. I'm a young entrepreneur (if you could even call me that) who has no idea what I'm doing. But thats what makes it fun. It is a little nerve racking, because I'm terrified of failure. My brand is my baby, and I want it to thrive and grow.  Right now I'm nervous that if I should hold off until I can do a proper catalog shoot to get my Etsy/ Website up. But, what the point of gaining Instagram followers if I have nohing listed for sales. Could it be time to just jump? Do my best to just get something-anything out there. Over time I can improve my shop. Am I too caught up in what my first impression might be that I'm loosing my room to grow? I think that I need to set of the ledge into the water and just do it.

As Always best of Vibes- Ashanah