Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dear Friend,

Dear friend,
I've written of hundred of these letters in my journal. Some letter come after fights, and hardships. Some come from moments when I just wish I could say hi like old times. Letters saying the thing I've said to you in my head, but never actually had the opportunity to say to you. There could be hundreds of reason for why I never said these things to your face. Sometime I feel it will only make the situation worse, sometimes its not my place, and sadly enough sometime you might not care to hear what I think on the situation. Sometimes I honestly don't know why I never said anything. But, I've also learned that keeping these things in they will only continue to bounce against the walls of my brain. So now I'm going to write them to you in the blog that no one reads, but maybe one day you will find. Maybe on day you will think of me too go on my website, and find my blog. Maybe you already read my blog re So friend, hows life?

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