Thursday, September 8, 2016

Throw back Thursday!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


    My goal with my college education is to eventually launch my own personal brand, Trippy. In my design and business classes I’ve spent a lot of time developing what I want that brand to represent. Though from a business standpoint I find corporations interesting, I do not want to work or run one. I’ve found a real need for sustainability in the fashion industry. Personally I want to produce local, because I think we should try to bring the industry home. However, I just did a service trip in Tanzania. I actually went to a workshop similar to the company I’m focusing on, Mayamiko. Mayamiko started off as a service project, but now uses a “Trade not aid” business model. That basically means that they are trying to create a sustainable way for the local community sell products. Founded in 2013 by contemporary designer Paolo Masperi as a way to fuse modern design with traditional African styles.

Product: For their garments they work within the local community in Malawi. They source their fabrics strait from the market places. Buying interesting fabrics in only enough yardage to make a limited number of pieces. This number usually ranges from 10-15 pieces. They also buy a number of hand dyed fabrics from the Malawi Council for the Handicapped. Mayamiko aims to use 90%- 100% of the fabrics they purchases. They are considered part of the zero waste movement. They up-cycle every piece of scrap fabric that hits the work floor into new and interesting peices. They also focus on creating patterns that use a majority of the space on cutting board. For the Namaste collection, a active wear collection inspired by yoga and african spirit used locally woven cotton. The cotton used is 100% GOTs certified organic cotton. They also sell local crafts on their site. Such as soups made from local materials, by local woman in the villages near their location.

Price: The company uses GBP as the currency. A simple tank top may cost as low as £19.00 GBP, and a dress or jumpsuit may run around the £75.00 GBP price point. They are a fair trade company so they pay their workers a fare price for their art. Shipping is not included in these prices.

Place: The company is a local company, and if you wanted to go into the store you would need to go to Africa (or find a small boutique that buys a small quantity of wholesale). However, they have an online store. So anyone that is aware of the company can easily purchase an order from their finger tips.

Promotion: I think a majority of their promotion comes from the story they built. It creates a word of mouth. This leads to a lot of blog and press attention. That how I found them. They do have really strong social media accounts.  They have a twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr account. I noticed a newsletter signup on their site. I’m not sure if this counts as a promotion, but they also have a Top Picks. I logged into my Facebook and it pulled up the products they thought I’d most likely be interested in buying.


For my business classes we are always profiling other business. I found this list really usefully for finding fair trade companies to look into.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What my friends taught me that will get me through my senior year.

Today is a day I always knew I would reach, but felt like it would never come. The last first day of school. I am officially a senior in college.  I feel like I'm ready to take it by storm, but so nervous for the test that its going to be. After the summer I have I mentally feel a little tougher, but already the projects are larger and harder. Lucky for me a lot of my friends graduated in classes above me, and I've gotten some advice that I want to keep in mind

1- Reginah says to be like NAHHH- There are some choices you are going to make that make you question your character. You can learn from these mistakes, but should you let yourself feel like the worse person ever? NAHH. These mistakes will shape you. Live to be a little scandalous, because well behaved woman never make history.

2- Susana reminded me of who needs a bra- Enjoy the fact that you don't need to wear a bra to class. You can be comfortable, and confident in a sweater without a bra all you want on a college campus. But, come May you'll need a big girl job that will probably require you to wear a bra.

3- The gist of what me and J's conversations is: Your going to learn a lot about doing things on your own, but remember your not alone. Senior year is gonna push your limits. People you thought would be there for you won't always be. However, here and there people will surprise you

4- My mother Sammy showed me how your hard work will pay off- Last year I watched my roommate bust her ass finish her senior year. She worked full time at the same bar as me, had an internship, and still made it to class as a full time student. I thought she was crazy, but now seeing were she is in life compared to most kids who graduated in May. She's gotten a lot done. I only hope that next year if I work hard I can accomplish as much as she has.

5- April has taught me many things, but most importantly she reminds me that I'm tougher than I think. Watching her push through her senior collection despite all the obstacles it through at her, makes me think that I will be okay. I also know if I feel like I can't get back up than she will be there to sit with me until I remember were my strength is.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dear Friend #0001

Dear Friend,
I can't believe that we are 21 year old's entering our senior year in college, because I still can't believe that we can drive cars, date boys, and get into Pg 13 movies. These were all things we talked about as we sat in the monkey tree playing house, or laying in bed at a 3rd sleepover in a roll we begged our mothers to let us have. When I think about my childhood sometimes I feel like I have more memories around your house than my own. I remember your mother reading us fairy tales at night, and sneaking into your dads studio to touch the light table we really were not suppose to touch. I remember always being in trouble. Like the time we used toothpaste for a slipping slid, because whoever was suppose to watching us already took away all the soups and shampoos.  We don't hangout like we used to; we haven't in years. Middle school came, and we took two different paths. But, still when my mother got sick you sent me a message saying that you were here to talk if I needed you. That was something that even people that I interacted with daily never told me.  I hope you know that it goes both ways. If you ever need anything you could always ask me. You were a great first friend for a young girl to have. - Ashanah

Dear Friend,

Dear friend,
I've written of hundred of these letters in my journal. Some letter come after fights, and hardships. Some come from moments when I just wish I could say hi like old times. Letters saying the thing I've said to you in my head, but never actually had the opportunity to say to you. There could be hundreds of reason for why I never said these things to your face. Sometime I feel it will only make the situation worse, sometimes its not my place, and sadly enough sometime you might not care to hear what I think on the situation. Sometimes I honestly don't know why I never said anything. But, I've also learned that keeping these things in they will only continue to bounce against the walls of my brain. So now I'm going to write them to you in the blog that no one reads, but maybe one day you will find. Maybe on day you will think of me too go on my website, and find my blog. Maybe you already read my blog re So friend, hows life?