Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dear Friend #0001

Dear Friend,
I can't believe that we are 21 year old's entering our senior year in college, because I still can't believe that we can drive cars, date boys, and get into Pg 13 movies. These were all things we talked about as we sat in the monkey tree playing house, or laying in bed at a 3rd sleepover in a roll we begged our mothers to let us have. When I think about my childhood sometimes I feel like I have more memories around your house than my own. I remember your mother reading us fairy tales at night, and sneaking into your dads studio to touch the light table we really were not suppose to touch. I remember always being in trouble. Like the time we used toothpaste for a slipping slid, because whoever was suppose to watching us already took away all the soups and shampoos.  We don't hangout like we used to; we haven't in years. Middle school came, and we took two different paths. But, still when my mother got sick you sent me a message saying that you were here to talk if I needed you. That was something that even people that I interacted with daily never told me.  I hope you know that it goes both ways. If you ever need anything you could always ask me. You were a great first friend for a young girl to have. - Ashanah

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