Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Does anyone wanna go to Bangledesh?

I've decided this morning that I wanna go abroad, but not in your typical collage semester kind of way. I'm watching these videos that talk about the "true cost of fashion", and reading about how after the Rana Plaza collapsed the company who pledged to improve conditions of their factories have not meet critical deadlines. I would love to go Bangladesh as the five year anniversary approaches. I wanna see if the state of these factories are as bad have been portrayed, or if maybe they are approving. I wanna go and feel what its like to be surrounded by these conditions. I want to go to see what could be improved upon. Taking this information back to the states could put pressure on companies to actually make the improvements they promised us. We need to remember that we are a consumer driven market, and businesses make product to suit our needs. So who's down to help me out, and come with me?

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