Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Buying a new pair of running shoes as soon as I get my pay check

 I feel like I've entered the rabbit hole of fashion. Where does clothing come from? In design school we talk about this issue, but before that I had never thought about this. You ask a person on the street where their shoes were made and they are gonna say China. However, did you know that Bangladesh and India produce garments too? Do you know what chemicals they use to grow the cotton in your T-shirt? Did you know that there have been links to that chemical giving the local population cancer?  Did you know that some companies are aware of their poor working conditions, but publicly said publicly that they will not make any changes? Please take some time to look at Nike. I until I looked into it was a regular Nike customer. My cheerleader team always bought their cheer shoes, and gush over each others new Nike Pro shorts. I would always buy a fun color pair of running shoes. But, I never thought about the fact that when I wore the swoosh I was endorsing a company that just in my option are the core of evil in the fashion industry. I had never seen a company who after the public addressed that they needed to change the way they produced their products simply say no. They choose to not fix any issues unless their bottom line is effected. So as a costumer I'mma say no. I'm not going to wear a brand on me that says a humans dignity is less important than sales line. 

 Lets see if you disagree after watching this video. Its kinda long, and you have to make it past the first 5 minutes. Make it to when they go to live like how Nike factory live.


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