Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Monsters In Your Closet- Sustainable Fashion

The fashion world has always been fast paced, but in the last few decades it has gone 0 to 100 in 3.5. Fast fashion has forever changed the game. Consumers are now looking for stores with the lowest price and newest products. However, the average consumer rarely stops to think about the true cost (If you haven't watched the documentary The True Cost its on Netflix). As a designer it is extremely important that we are fully aware of the impact the fashion industry has on the world, because it is one of the largest global industries. But, in order to find a permanent solution to the problems we uncover there needs to be universal understanding of whats going on. Everyone should understand where exactly their clothing is coming from, and know the ethical complications that they could unknowably be supporting. Can you answers the fallowing questions right now? Where do your cloths come from? How were they made? How were they shipped? How were the fibers that make the fabric made? There are so many questions we should be asking, but rarely have the time to investigate in this fast pace world. Lucky for us there are now websites that dedicate themselves to doing the ground research for us.  Project Just is one of those sites. It looks into many popular brands, and highlights things that you should know about the companies current sustainability plan. Its goals is to inform the consumer. The link is bellow: check it out!

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